by Tobi Celeste



Recorded for the soundtrack of Nostalgia, a short film shot on Super 8 in 1996, edited by Joaquin de la Puente in 2012, directed by Tobi Celeste Vail.

Nostalgia premiered at Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona on May 4 2012. It debuts nationally Sunday November 18 at the Olympia Film Festival.


a photo on your wall
is a record of the past
of things you had forgotten
of things that couldn't last
now that things are different
a moment on your own brings back memories
and the thoughts will make you crave for old friends
some of them you see sometimes
some of them are dead

don't forget the bad times
you swore not to forget
the anger, mental violence
the worries and the threats
sometimes it's nice to see people
who used to be really close to you
now you've escaped from your dependence
don't get another dose


released November 9, 2012
song by weekend, performed by tobi, james & joaquin



all rights reserved


Spider and the Webs Olympia, Washington

Tritonia1 to the Muse attention lends: Who both her Verse, and iust revenge commends. Then said t' her selfe: To praise is of no worth: Let our revengefull Powre our praise set forth. Intends Arachnes ruine. She, she heard, Before her curious webs, her owne preferr'd. Nor dwelling, nor her nation fame impart Vnto the Damsell, but excelling Art.

- Tobi, James & Chris.

P.S. Where's Bongo Randy?
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